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How do I add my mobile number to your directory?
Go to the register section and complete the simple form.

We do not sell personal information to third parties. Your email is only used to contact you to:
Confirm your account.
If you make changes to your account.
If you forget your password.
If we have some important information to tell you.
You will not receive any unsolicited e-mail or SMS messages from us.

What information will be displayed?
The information provided on the website are your Mobile Number, Surname, Initials and Location. As there maybe several people with your name in your location, we also ask you to included a postcode to help narrow peoples searches down but this is not displayed.

How secure is my information?
Our website is hosted in a 15 million pound data centre, providing the biggest web hosting arena in Europe. Our information is Firewall protected, and backed up everyday.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
Click here, complete your user name and we will send your password by e-mail.

My details have changed. How can I update my information?
Use the members login available on every page. You can update or remove details at any time by logging on to our members section.

I have a mobile number and need to know who it belongs to.
Reverse look-up - sorry we do not offer that service.

My mobile phone has been stolen, what should I do?
To block your lost or stolen phone across every network, you should call your own network operator, service provider or 08701 123 123.

It's helpful to make a note of your IMEI number but don't worry your handset can still be blocked without it. (The IMEI is located on a strip normally located behind the battery of the handsets. On most handsets, press the keys *#06# and it will be displayed in the handset window.)

The relevant numbers are:

  Contract Pre-pay
Orange 07973 100 150 07973 100 451
Vodafone 07836 191 191 08700 776 655
O2 08705 214 000 08705 678 678
T-Mobile 0845 412 5000 0845 412 5000
Virgin Mobile 0845 6000 789 0845 6000 789
3 07782 333 333 07782 333 333
Onetel 0800 957 1100 0800 957 1100

You should also contact your local police station, or the police station nearest to where the theft or loss took place, and inform them of what happened.
If you have mobile phone insurance, you should also contact your Insurance provider to report any loss of theft.

(Information and further reading www.immobilise.com)

Still have questions? Please contact us.


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